Payment Options

Health Insurance

Most insurance companies now offer a benefit for weight loss surgical procedures, but the insurance policy can vary depening on the policy you have with your insurance provider. For instance, some policies cover the Gastric Bypass, but not the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band procedure.  Determining what your specific policy will or will not cover is the starting point of your weight loss journey.  Our experienced team will help work with your insurance provider to determine if you are qualified under your policy.  We have an extremely high success rate of securing approvals and overturning previous denials.

Other Payment Options - Financing and Cash

Some people are finding it difficult  to use their health insurance to cover or help cover for weight loss surgery. If you are looking to pay cash or finance your surgery, we offer several all-inclusive packages.

Cash Specials

If you are considering paying cash for your procedure, you will not need to provide us with any authorizaion.  We accept cash and all major credit cards for your procedure.


Your bank, mortgage company and financing companies can also assist in financing your weight loss surgery.  We are partnered up with the following financing companies.

Med Loan Finance

Call (800) 504-4053 or click here Med Loan Finance to apply for financing.


We also take most medicare for weight loss surgery