Gastric Band Fills

When the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (or Lap Band) procedure is complete, it will eventually become necessary for the patient to receive an adjustment fill. The patient is able to control the amount of weight loss by making the Lap Band looser or tighter.  Dr. Miranda will work with you to customize your Lap Band fill for you to lose weight.

How does Lap Band fills work?

Saline is injected into a port below the skin which is attached to the lap band inside your stomach. When the lap band is filled, it becomes tighter in order to lower your appetite at a steady rate.

How often will I need a band fill?

Lap Band fills are a painless procedure. Typically in the first month after surgery, you will receive your first band fill. Dr. Miranda will work with you to find an adjustment that is comfortable and facilitates gradual weight loss at a healthy rate.

The first year after surgery may require an appointment with a surgeon every 4 weeks, but will decrease over the years. It should also be noted that each patient's weight loss needs are unique and will receive a band fill that is customized to their body. The Lap Band is most effective when a patient keeps their surgeon well informed about changes and weight loss they're experiencing.

How will I know?

If over-eating or portion control becomes a problem, it may be necessary to schedule a band fill. It is important to be aware of the dietary guidelines issued by your surgeon and report any changes that may occur. By intaking a lot of high-calorie liquids or soft foods, it will inhibit the Lap Band's ability to assist your weight loss.